Voice evacuation – Precise alarm control in emergency situations

Voice evacuation linked to the fire alarm system and/or intruder alarm system enables you to give the public precise messages in different emergency situations. Voice evacuation is used in addition to emergency lights, and replaces traditional alarm sounds such as bells.

Voice evacuation can help in providing clearer communication in situations involving noise, confusion or panic.

A smart system

Hedengren’s voice evacuation system has been developed and is supplied by the Dutch company 4EVAC. This is a vendor with more than 30 years of experience in voice evacuation control, supplying products of a quality and level of performance we fully endorse.

The system is based on the ‘Plug & Play’ principle and is therefore easy to deal with for both the installer and the user.

Ideal for property developers

The voice evacuation system can be programmed to give specific instructions, depending on the situation, and can be a valuable resource in ensuring the safety of people in danger. Voice evacuation can provide the public with more detailed and relevant information, such as the reason why an alarm has been set off, evacuation and assembly points, the extent of the situation and how serious it is.

You choose whether a customised or standard message is to be played. The system can also be used to play background music, messages and advertising at places such as shopping centres and airports and can therefore serve several purposes – ideal for property developers.

Why choose voice evacuation from Hedengren?

Plug & Play
Simple for both installer and user
Precise information in emergency situations
Avoid panic and confusion
Several areas of use
Play music, advertising and messages

Do you have any questions?

Our experts can answer any questions you might have about voice evacuation.

Technical specifications

Hedengren supplies systems from 4EVAC that are both compact and modular. The traditional rack-mounted systems tend to be dependent on complex configuration. 4EVAC has therefore developed the IMPACT VOICE EMERGENCY SYSTEM series, with products that have remote-controlled zone expanders for simpler switching (IMPACT-SW) and complex multimedia applications (IMPACT-MM).

By designing and producing its products in Europe in compliance with strict specifications, 4EVAC delivers unique quality and reliability. All 4EVAC products comply fully with EN54-16 certification, and for extra reassurance they have third-party approval and certification under all European standards, including EN54-4, EN54-16, EN54-17, EN54-18, EN54-24, CB, EMC and UKCA.

Simple installation
Easy to use
Provide the public with clear information
Simple zone switching – ideal for property developers
Option of complex multimedia applications

Combine with other systems from Hedengren

The voice evacuation system can be combined with Hedengren’s fire alarm system Prodex FIREscape, Neptolux emergency light system and the intruder alarm system HHL. This makes it possible to coordinate actions and activate relevant steps automatically.

Choose a partner that delivers on BREEAM and ESG

BREEAM certification and consideration of ESG (environmental, social and governance) aspects play an increasingly important role in property development. BREEAM is a system for the certification of sustainable buildings, and ESG includes environmental, social and governance factors in investment decisions.

We at Hedengren are pleased to say that many customers choose us precisely because we deliver very well both on BREEAM criteria and in ESG. Please ask us if you would like to know more about how Hedengren can help you to a greener building.


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