Fire emergency lighting system

A unique adaptive and networkable Prodex FIREscape fire emergency lighting system

The two most essential security systems in the building, fire alarm and emergency lighting, integrated into one easy-to-use multi-function panel. The multi-function panel was developed with user-friendliness in mind, and it is designed to integrate the fire alarm and emergency lighting systems. In a crisis situation, the intelligent system can adapt the exit signs to guide the people in the building to a safe escape route. The adaptive system can additionally use the chase effect of the emergency lights and the directional arrows in the step luminaires to guide to a safe escape route. The exit sign and escape route luminaires can adapt to a changing situation and, for example, guide to an alternative escape route if the fire spreads. You can create a networked system by interconnecting multiple panels. The Prodex FIREscape system offers significant cost savings compared to traditional systems during installation and over the product life cycle in lower service, maintenance, and operating costs.

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