Emergency lighting panels

Neptolux emergency lighting panels with new Finnish technology

The new addressable Nepto 3K panel is very quick and easy to set up with the integrated OLED display and control buttons. This includes line measurements and analysis. You can interconnect a maximum of 12 panels in the same address line. With the HedRing.Net card, you can extend the system up to 3,048 luminaires. The emergency lighting panel continuously monitors and tests itself and the luminaires and, in normal conditions, supplies the operating voltage to the luminaires. The panel's automatic testing functionality monitors the condition of the LEDs and batteries of the escape route and exit sign luminaires and immediately notifies if there is, for example, a missing or disconnected luminaire, and issues a follow-up alarm to a building automation system or another selected system. The transactions are stored in the system memory and the fault and alarm messages are displayed on the control panel screen in accordance with the EN 62034 standard. The luminaires in the Neptolux system are among the most energy-efficient on the market.

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