Billing addresses

The Hedengren Group uses an electronic invoice system. Our online invoicing operator is Basware Corporation, which has an operator ID BAWCFI22.
Our online invoicing addresses are:

    Oy Hedengren Ab OVT 003701086045
    Oy Hedtec Ab OVT 003715093764
    Oy Hedengren Security Ab  OVT 003708087534

The invoice must always contain the name of the subscriber and the order number.

Email invoices
You can also send invoices by email to:

Oy Hedengren Ab,
Oy Hedtec Ab,
Oy Hedengren Security Ab,

Invoices sent by e-mail must be in pdf format and pdf files must not be encrypted or password protected.

Scanned paper bills
If you are unable to send e-invoices, please send paper invoices by mail:

Oy Hedengren Ab, PL 840, 00026 BASWARE
Oy Hedtec Ab, PL 842, 00026 BASWARE
Oy Hedengren Security Ab, PL 843, 00026 BASWARE