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An energy efficient security system produces up to 90 % lower energy consumption

The use of energy efficient building technology solutions allows you to significantly influence the carbon footprint and environmental friendliness of a building. FIREscape reduces the CO2 emissions generated by the safety system over ten-fold when compared to an ordinary LED lighting system.  The innovation manufactured in Finland is the most energy efficient safety solution on the market by far. According to the Ministry of Environment, construction generates 35 %...

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Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2021

Thank you for the past year. We wish all our customers and partners a peaceful Christmas. Take care of you and your loved ones. Wish all of us at Hedengren

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Lighting that is not switched off upon exit

Large properties have hundreds or even thousands of route and emergency lights that are on day and night. By utilising energy efficient lighting technology in escape route lights...

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The Gewiss residual current circuit breaker tests itself automatically once a month and reduces costs

Electrical safety is important for protecting people and property in all environments ranging from households to manufacturing and retail premises. It is important that maintaining electrical sa...


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Stylish and adaptable office spaces using SmartiS outlet columns

The movable electrical outlet columns allow you to distribute power and data easily, safely and stylishly at offices. The outlet columns can be tailored based on customer needs and they adap...


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Energy-efficient escape route lighting generates significant savings and promotes green values

There are significant differences in the energy consumption of escape route lights. The system's energy consumption significantly affects the full life-cycle costs. Neptolux offers the most ...


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