liniLED® LED strips, Mac Adam 1.8

liniLED® strips offer nearly limitless possibilities for different types of implementations. The primary ribbon types in the selection are:

  • open PCB (IP20) LED ribbon
  • protected top-illuminating TOP (IP40/IP68) LED ribbon
  • protected side-illuminating SIDE (IP40/IP68) LED ribbon
  • TOP Diffuse (IP69K) LED light, 2 size classes
  • SIDE Diffuse (IP69K) LED strip

The strips are available in different power classes as Deco, Power, High Power and Photon versions. The illumination power of the strips are between approx. 100lm/m and approx. 3,800lm/m. The available colour tones are 2000K, 2400K, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K and 6500K. RGB, RGBW and Tunable White are also available. Single-tone colours also include red, green, blue and amber.

liniLED LED-nayúhojen tyypit

liniLED® light profiles, installed in the ground and drive over

liniLED® profiles do not only serve as light sources to improve visibility, but they can also be used as route lights. liniLED® Forta and Forta S profiles are well suited for indicating routes and locations, such as the sides of roads or even for driving over or on walking routes. liniLED® Forta lights are intended to be used at sites where highly visible route lines are to be installed into the floor or ground.

Each profile is based on an integrated liniLED® strip, so that optimal light production of every light has been considered. The lights are available in nearly the same colour tones as the LED strips.

liniLED valaisevat profiilit

liniLED® Aeris system

The system includes a wide range of aluminium profiles, different types of protective covers and installation supplies. The profiles are intended for open and protected liniLED strips. The profiles include a mounting groove for the strips. The product range includes profiles with widths of 20 mm, 30 mm and 40 mm, in both low and tall heights. Lengths 1 m-4 m. If necessary, the profiles can be obtained with different corner angles and miter joints.

The customisable Aeris system can be delivered as factory-built, installation-ready lights. In addition, the lights can be implemented with solid-cast mass, protection class IP67. The cast mass can be diffusing or clear. In order to create uniform, long line lights, the profiles are also available without end caps. The selection also includes solid-cast Aeris profiles as walk over versions.

liniLED Aeris led-nauhat

liniLED® Handrail

The liniLED® Handrail is a revolutionary new product, due to its versatility. The lighting handrail allows an amazing, uninterrupted lighting effect to be created for handrails on bridges or stairs, for example. The illuminating LED strip continues uninterrupted as a uniform design at wall or pillar mounts due to its ingenious design. It is possible to use all of the liniLED® TOP strips with the handrail. The corner and extension connections can be implemented using adhesive or welding connectors. Handrails can be used as both indoor and outdoor applications. The diameters of the handrails are either Ø42.4mm or Ø48.3mm. The rails are also available in square shapes, 60x40 mm and 40x40 mm. Handrails are quick and easy to install.

liniLED Handrail valaiseva käsijohde

liniLED® Accessories

The liniLED® System can be supplemented with a vast array of supplies and mounting profiles, which include several different types of mounting profiles (an example of which includes the most recent plastic profile that can withstand chlorinated water), different mass-filled AERIS profiles with clear or evenly distributing mass, step profiles and connection and control supplies.

liniLED AERIS tarvikkeet led-nauhoille