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Hedengren's Annual Review has been published

The report includes the consolidated income statement and balance sheet, key figures on business development, as well as the CEO's and business area managers' reviews. The annual review is avail...


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New product! NEPTO-LITE emergency lighting centre for small sites

Neptolux’s new NEPTO-LITE emergency lighting centre is specifically designed for smaller and more compact sites. ”Our NEPTO-3K centre and system can be scaled from 127 to more than 3,0...


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Carel has the right humidification solution for any conditions

Many still consider indoor humidity control a cost rather than an investment. But Anne-Mari Virtanen, Hedtec’s humidification expert and head of sales for the humidification bran...


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An intelligent, integrable and energy-efficient fire safety lighting system for the world’s largest upper secondary school made of log

In Tuusula municipality’s groundbreaking log building project, responsible system acquisitions went hand in hand with eco-friendly wooden construction. Hedengren Security’s Prodex FIREscape multifunction centre includes the most energy-efficient emergency lights on the market, open interfaces and cost-effective cabling.

The three-storey log building near Tuusula’s Rykmentinpuisto park is impressive in its scale and beauty. Named Monio and covering nearly 9,000 square metres, the log building also houses a cultural centre with a music school, art school and community college in addition to the upper secondary school.

Tuusula school made of log
In an eco-friendly wooden building the carbon footprint is smaller than usual, and the building’s own wood mass serves as a carbon sink. Energy-efficient and integrable security systems make the building even more sustainable.

Completed in July 2023, the building was fitted with state-of-the-art, long-lasting and energy-efficient security systems.

The electrical contractor for this unique construction project was ARE, a Finnish family business with over 100 years of experience in building technology. On ARE’s recommendation, the security systems were acquired from another long-established Finnish company, Hedengren Security. The company has over a century of expertise in its field.

“Hedengren has been our trusted partner for decades, and we know their systems are of superb quality and cost-effective. We also value their know-how and the availability of spare parts,” says ARE project manager Petri Bergman.

Monio School in Tuusula Finland
The building, completed in July 2023, is a blend of modern technology and contemporary wood construction. The brick cladding and roof design of the structure draw inspiration from the former barracks in the area.

According to Bergman, the tough global situation was also a factor in choosing the supplier. When the electrical work began in 2021, the market was highly uncertain and there were many delivery difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Having a large manufacturer nearby provided us with good support and enabled us to ensure timely deliveries,” Bergman says.

Petri Bergman ARE
The security systems for the building and site were chosen based on ARE’s recommendation from Hedengren Security’s range of products and services. “We want cost-effective systems with a long lifespan for our projects, and which can also be integrated with future technologies,” says ARE project manager Petri Bergman.

Smart integration and energy efficiency

The design and building of Monio’s facilities were based on the criteria of functionality, healthiness and adaptability. The chosen solution was Hedengren Security’s Prodex FIREscape multi-function system. It integrates the property’s two core security systems – fire alarms and emergency lighting – into one intelligent unit.

“The single-system approach helped make the cabling, installation and commissioning agile and efficient in terms of material use. Additionally, the maintenance, upkeep and operating costs of the system are significantly lower than those of conventional setups,” Bergman says.

Prodex FIREscape fire alarm system
The FIREscape combined system was easy to install even in this unique log-built property. Operated from a single control panel, the system brings significant cost savings throughout its lifespan, and thanks to its open interfaces it can also be integrated into future building technology.

Neptolux emergency lights, designed by Hedengren Security, provided the most energy-efficient illumination for the log building.

“In this environmentally friendly building, surface installations were also very carefully planned. The beautiful log surfaces were to remain visible, and the technology had to be seamlessly integrated into the architectural design,” Bergman explains.

Neptolux emergency lights
The security technology was designed to be seamlessly integrated into the architecture of the building. With the Neptolux emergency lights in the combined system, the property achieved a remarkable 90 per cent reduction in energy consumption compared to a conventional LED-based central battery system.

A safe environment

Tuusula’s largest ever construction project was completed as planned by the beginning of the new school year in late summer 2023. Serving as an excellent example of wooden construction and occupational safety, the building provides safe and versatile study and recreational facilities for students and other users.

Bergman in front of Monio School
This fabulous modern wooden building has a hybrid frame made of wood, concrete and steel, with non-settling logs for the wall structures. It covers an area of almost 9,000 square metres.

Bergman has high praise for Hedengren Security.

“Hedengren Security’s contact person assisted us patiently and with impeccable expertise, both in minor matters and more challenging situations. Despite the global situation, we kept to the agreed schedule and made progress without delays.”

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