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Neptolux emergency lighting

Pioneer in emergency lighting systems – Green light for green choices
The Finnish Neptolux is a forerunner in environmentally friendly product design for emergency lighting systems. The environmental values and cost-efficiency are particularly evident in the low costs associated with installing, operating and maintaining the system due to low energy consumption and CO2 emissions coupled with the flexibility of installation, as fireproof wire systems are not needed, for example. The design of the addressed Neptolux emergency lighting focuses on being user-friendly and operational safety.
The Neptolux system, which is designed and manufactured in Finland, is suitable for any site. Neptolux systems have been installed in shopping centres, cultural sites, office buildings, manufacturing facilities, educational institutions and schools, nurseries, assisted living facilities and other types of public facilities, for example. Neptolux emergency lighting systems are delivered in the Nordics, England and Ireland, among others.
The purpose of emergency lighting is to guide people safely out of the building in different emergencies, such as fires, power outages, lighting failures and other conditions that differ from the ordinary. With sudden escape situations, it is important to avoid panic and ensure quick and safe exit from the building. Emergency lighting usually includes two different types of lights: guide lights and emergency lights. The guide lights are constantly illuminated and as indicated by their name, they guide the person in selecting the correct path of escape. Emergency lights are illuminated during malfunctions and emergencies. Emergency lights are to ensured sufficient lighting for the escape routes for a safe exit and for rescue operations. Neptolux guide and emergency lights are also used in the Prodex FIREscape  fire safety light system.

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Most environmentally friendly solution on the market
The addressable Neptolux safety and escape route lights achieve up to 90 % lower energy consumption than a traditional emergency lighting system equipped with central batteries.
Quick, straightforward design
Simple to design the cabling. The wiring for the system be divided into control layers or areas, for example 12 centres can be combined in the same channel to create a single system.
Latest technology
The lights use the long-lasting LED and battery technology. Redundancy for the lights has been implemented using 4th generation NiMH unit batteries.
Low operating and maintenance costs
The lower the energy consumption, the lower the recurring costs. The automation of the emergency light centre continuously monitors the condition of the lights and performs the monthly tests. Neptolux emergency lights have a long service life.
Easy adoption
Setup of the Nepto 3K centre following the instructions on its own OLED display. Automatic channel status detection and activity suggestions. Programming of the lights and setup of the I/Os in the centre with a few clicks of a button.
Light, discreet wiring
Does not require fireproof wire systems. Allows for easy expansion and is excellently suited also for demanding sites. The wiring can be implemented discreetly and with ease, which results in cost-efficiency.

For the designer


The Finnish Neptolux is a responsible choice. The system reduces the carbon footprint of the site.

The Neptolux system is based on an emergency lighting centre with a battery back-up and addressed lights with battery back-ups and low-current cabling. The design of emergency lighting is to be carried out in accordance with the EN1838 standard. The standard has detailed information on the placement of the lights, their quantities, their technical requirements and how the lighting should be in different spaces. Other EN-standards associated with escape route lighting include: EN60598-2-22, EN50171, EN50272-2 and EN50172.

Escape route lighting is compulsory in business premises, meeting rooms, production and warehousing areas, workplaces, treatment facilities and parking garages, among others.  Escape route lights are also partially needed in the common areas of apartment buildings, such as stairwells, for example.

In many instances, it is good to utilise the views of the local fire inspector on escape routes and the placement of lights already in the planning phase. This minimises the needs for changes once the building is completed. The design of the lights also affects the general appearance and architecture of a space and these factors should be considered when drafting the plan. Neptolux lights can be colour-matched with the architectural requirements of the site. Guide lights are available for recessed mounting.


Planning the wiring is easy without having to plan fireproof wiring systems
Emergency lights and guide lights on the same line
Cabling for structures with small spaces also possible
The control can be programmed by layers or areas, for example
Addressed lights use the same base
Operational reliability and long-lasting system
Up to 12 centres can be networked to the same channel
From small sites to up to properties with 3,000 emergency lights

Emergency lighting for any site – our reference sites

Schools, educational institutions and nurseries
Tampere: Classical High School of Tampere and Hervanta Nursery – Vihti High School – Suonenjoki High School – Vantaa: Kuninkaanmäki Nursery – Mikkeli: Nursery Vilttihattu – numerous nurseries and schools in Lohja
Tampere: Solo Sokos Hotel Torni – Jyväskylä: Sokos Hotel Paviljonki
Terminals and manufacturing facilities
Turku: Silja Line passenger terminal – Stockholm: Arlanda Airport and Silja Line's Värta terminal – Kirkkonummi: Suomen Sokeri, Building B – Jämsä: Thyssenkrupp Aerospace Finland – Rusko: VAK element plant – Vilppula sawmill
Cultural sites
Amos Rex, The Helsinki City Theatre and The National Library – ABBA Museum in Stockholm – The Museum of Tornio Valley – Jyväskylä Veturitalli
Shopping centres
Helsinki: Lasipalatsi and Kannelmäki shopping centre – Vantaa: Flamingo – Stockholm: Åhléns City – Mikkeli: Shopping Centre Stella – Kuopion Alatori – Oulu: Prisma Limingan tulli
Offices and agencies
Helsinki: Alma Media head office, Kampin Huippu and Koy Aitio Business Park Vivaldi – Stockholm: SEB head office – Espoo: Office buildings Safiiri 1 and 2 – Jyväskylä: Wanha Lääni – Ylivieska office building – Borås: Gina Tricot head office

Implemented Neptolux sites

Silja Line's Värta terminal in Stockholm, Sweden

Implemented Neptolux sites

The National Library in Helsinki, Finland

Implemented Neptolux sites

The Helsinki City Theatre, Finland

Implemented Neptolux sites

Arlandan Airport in Stockholm, Sweden

Implemented Neptolux sites

Solo Sokos Hotel Torni, Tampere, Finland


Nepto 3K – third-generation emergency lighting centre

Proof of Finnish design quality – manufactured in Finland. Unparalleled ease of quick setup.

Setting up the Nepto 3K centre is easy by following the instructions on the OLED display. The user-friendly and quick setup includes automatic channel status detection, analysis and event indication, in addition to activity suggestions. Programming of the lights and setup of the I/Os in the centre is completed with a few clicks of a button. Up to 12 Nepto 3K centres can be networked to the same channel and the maximum number of shared addresses is approximately 3,000.
The centre's automatic testing fulfils ATS-standard EN 62034:2006. The centre tests itself, the emergency and guide lights and monitories the condition of the lights’ LEDs and batteries.
Technical specifications

  • one line (127 addresses) integrated
  • expandable with a single line card (127 addresses), max. number of addresses 254
  • centre has 8 line inputs
  • centre has 8 line outputs (NC/NO)
  • zone are defined using programming
  • OLED display for setup and monitoring
  • electronic fault protection
  • battery voltage 24 VDC
Very quick and easy setup using the OLED display
Automatic setup including channel measurements and analysis
Up to 12 centres can be networked to the same channel
From small sites to up to properties with 3,048 emergency lights
Does not require fireproof wire systems
Also suitable for more demanding sites
Tests the functionality of itself and the lights continuously
For example, reports a missing/disconnected light immediately and communicates an alarm
Monitors the condition of the batteries of the emergency light LEDs and guide lights
Feeds the operating current for the lights with battery back-ups during normal conditions

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