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Energy-efficient escape route lighting generates significant savings and promotes green values

There are significant differences in the energy consumption of escape route lights. The system's energy consumption significantly affects the full life-cycle costs. Neptolux offers the most energy-efficient guide and emergency lights on the market.
When issuing tenders for security systems and selecting escape route lighting solutions, researching the energy consumption and actual operating costs is often omitted. Especially for energy costs, the end user’s costs are not given enough attention. When considering the environmental friendliness of escape route lighting, attention should especially be paid to energy consumption.

Guide lights have been mandated to operate continuously, so there are a total of approximately 8,760 operating hours annually. The operating hours highlight the importance of the small light-specific power when reducing the overall power consumption of the system. Increasing the service life of the light electronics and light source are equally important.

We calculated the energy consumption and 10-year energy costs for an average-sized hotel using the Finnish Neptolux and another emergency lighting system with LED lights and a central battery system.

Comparing the energy consumption of escape route lighting for an average-sized hotel

1.7652 kWh
Ordinary LED escape route lighting with central batteries

0.1929 kWh

Up to 90 % in savings in energy consumption when choosing Neptolux.

The energy costs for the emergency lighting at the same site for 10 years

Ordinary LED escape route lighting with central batteries: EUR 17,009
Neptolux: EUR 1,859

With the energy consumption alone, Neptolux was able to save nearly EUR 15,000 in ten years.

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