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Hedengren's Annual Review has been published

The report includes the consolidated income statement and balance sheet, key figures on business development, as well as the CEO's and business area managers' reviews. The annual review is avail...


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New product! NEPTO-LITE emergency lighting centre for small sites

Neptolux’s new NEPTO-LITE emergency lighting centre is specifically designed for smaller and more compact sites. ”Our NEPTO-3K centre and system can be scaled from 127 to more than 3,0...


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Carel has the right humidification solution for any conditions

Many still consider indoor humidity control a cost rather than an investment. But Anne-Mari Virtanen, Hedtec’s humidification expert and head of sales for the humidification bran...


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Carel has the right humidification solution for any conditions

Many still consider indoor humidity control a cost rather than an investment. But Anne-Mari Virtanen, Hedtec’s humidification expert and head of sales for the humidification brand Carel, aims to get people thinking about humidity conditions in a new way.

“In Finland, we already know how to protect valuable electronic equipment or other assets by optimising the humidity. The benefits of this are undeniable, and easily measurable. Humidification control also contributes to wellbeing, health and safety, and there’s enormous potential in these areas.”

Finland is lagging behind many other countries when it comes to humidification, especially in the hotel and shopping centre sector. Responsibly operating international brands have already equipped their buildings with humidification management systems. This is done in various ways, for instance on an area-specific basis, and the systems are controlled by the users themselves. This also brings commercial benefits.

“People are increasingly seeing wellbeing, health and safety as essential criteria for choosing where they spend their time,” Virtanen says of her discussions with European partners and her extensive experience in the Finnish humidification market. Here Hedtec has a significant market share. Research in recent years also confirms that pathogens spread more quickly in conditions that are too dry or too humid.  
The need for humidification will also increase in Finland in the foreseeable future.

“The more people become aware of how important humidification is, the higher the user requirements become. And the more advanced building technology becomes, the easier it is to manage humidity as part of the overall management of the building services.”

Treating humidification as part of the overall building technology system

Appropriate and precisely controlled humidification has many benefits. It can create a healthier and more pleasant environment, increase the value of a property, reduce waste of stored materials or goods, extend the life of valuable surface materials, ensure that machinery and other equipment remain in good working order, and add to people’s wellbeing.

The best and most cost-effective humidification systems are those where humidity conditions have been factored in at the design stage. For example, humidification equipment should work well with the rest of the building technology, taking into account the uses and target values of the different parts of the building.

So, when does humidification matter?

“Wherever air is cooled or heated to achieve the desired conditions, it’s usually sensible to consider humidification needs as well.”

Identifying these needs and properly meeting them depend on the technical values of the building and the target humidity values. These are usually obtained from the user of the premises, the designer, or the equipment suppliers. Based on this information, Hedtec can determine the size, type and most suitable humidification method for the equipment.


Carel humidification solutions

Carel’s humidification solutions for every need

Virtanen and her team help designers of heating, plumbing and ventilation systems, clients, developers, contractors, and other parties to understand the building’s humidification needs and to design and procure the best solutions.  

“Collaboration is key. For instance, we use sophisticated calculation software to determine the size of the equipment, but we don’t leave the calculations to technology alone. We also analyse the facilities on site with the client and designers. The property must be treated as a whole.”

In Virtanen’s view, Carel, represented by Hedtec, is an excellent solution for most humidification needs.  

“Carel has systems for a wide range of facilities, from small specialised spaces to large hospitals, data centres, hotels, and more.  The key is to buy for the right conditions. Once you know the conditions, you can find the right equipment to suit them.”


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