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Hedengren's Annual Review has been published

The report includes the consolidated income statement and balance sheet, key figures on business development, as well as the CEO's and business area managers' reviews. The annual review is avail...


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New product! NEPTO-LITE emergency lighting centre for small sites

Neptolux’s new NEPTO-LITE emergency lighting centre is specifically designed for smaller and more compact sites. ”Our NEPTO-3K centre and system can be scaled from 127 to more than 3,0...


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Carel has the right humidification solution for any conditions

Many still consider indoor humidity control a cost rather than an investment. But Anne-Mari Virtanen, Hedtec’s humidification expert and head of sales for the humidification bran...


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Hedtec’s new Business Unit Director Jan Mattsson believes in a smart and responsible future

Hedtec’s new Business Unit Director Jan Mattsson sees smart solutions and real estate technology as the drivers of future growth. Existing and future solutions are developed with customers and partners.

As reliable and established building technology professionals, Hedtec is ideally placed to develop its products and services to meet future needs. The real estate and construction industry will rely more and more on smart solutions and real estate technology to create new business opportunities and increase the value of properties.

“I have come to Hedtec to help find out how we can assist our customers to build their business in a changing market. Smart solutions and services in buildings and within industry will play a key role,” says Mattsson.

In his view, the construction industry has reached a point at which there is less construction while services become more and more important.  Hedtec will continue to be an importer, and the services will focus on meeting customer needs. Hedtec’s HedCharge cloud service for the management of charging electric cars, and smart urban lighting management systems serve as good examples. They are unique solutions and key areas of growth.

“I believe we have the expertise and ability to meet the needs of growing business areas in the market, such as renewable energy, healthcare and data centres, which is why we must also expand our product range.”

Mattsson sees sustainability as a cornerstone of business simply due to the EU’s Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD). Buildings play an important role in trying to reach carbon neutrality goals, and building technology equipment can reduce the carbon footprint of buildings. In addition to this, environmental, social and governance requirements are already having an impact on the various stages of the value chain of construction – in design, the actual construction, and use.

Customer focus throughout his career

Jan Mattsson arrived at Hedtec after 15 years in the multinational technology company Schneider Electric, where he held managerial positions in energy efficiency, responsible business and digital service development.

The French multinational operates in more than 100 countries, giving Mattsson international experience and insight. In his most recent position with the company, he was in charge of Finnish sales and a design channel in which, along with designers, customers’ business needs were enhanced by means of smart building solutions.

“Our job was to help all parties in the various stages of the supply chain to understand the value brought about by digital services and technological solutions. The creation of added value will also be an area of focus at Hedtec.”

Mattsson considers it important to keep close ties to customers through regular dialogue in order to understand what the customer needs and to create trust.

“The added value comes in different forms to different stakeholders. For contractors, for example, it is important that they get high-quality products delivered on time and that these are quick and easy to install. Property owners value error-free operation, energy efficiency, a long life cycle of products, durability and maintainability. Wholesalers want to have a product range that is sought after with a quick turnaround, and also value a reliable supply chain. In other words, value must translate into business benefits.”

Adaptability needed again

Hedtec has always been able to adapt to the market. Now we have again reached a point where such adaptability is called for.

“It’s great to take a look at Hedengren’s history, the way it’s been building Finnish technology for over a century. I feel pride at being able to join the Hedengren family at a moment when the construction industry is going through a touch patch. I’m confident that together we can make the next leap into the future. If you are active and do the right things, it is possible to grow even under difficult circumstances. This is something Hedtec has proved during its history.”

Mattsson began in his new position in early November. He was attracted to Hedtec by the management’s vision and genuine desire to do things in a new way and through dialogue.

“I was inspired by the positive vibe in the company. There are some really smart people here with a keen understanding of and long experience in the business. My job is to increase understanding of and insight into new business focus areas in terms of smart building and sustainability, and to help people develop so that they will feel they are doing something worthwhile in a working environment that is becoming more and more efficient.”


In a nutshell, Jan Mattsson

  • Age: 44
  • Called Krisu, after his second name, Cristoffer
  • Career: Sales and management business management positions at Schneider Electric 2008–2023
  • Education: MBA in business development, and engineer in building management
  • Smart building projects he has been involved in: Lidl logistics centre in Järvenpää, Nokia’s new hub in Oulu, the Lippulaiva shopping centre in Espoo, the new Nokian Tyres plant in Romania.


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