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Hedengren's Annual Review has been published

The report includes the consolidated income statement and balance sheet, key figures on business development, as well as the CEO's and business area managers' reviews. The annual review is avail...


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New product! NEPTO-LITE emergency lighting centre for small sites

Neptolux’s new NEPTO-LITE emergency lighting centre is specifically designed for smaller and more compact sites. ”Our NEPTO-3K centre and system can be scaled from 127 to more than 3,0...


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Carel has the right humidification solution for any conditions

Many still consider indoor humidity control a cost rather than an investment. But Anne-Mari Virtanen, Hedtec’s humidification expert and head of sales for the humidification bran...


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Hedengren Security strengthens its partner strategy

Hedengren Security is reinforcing its partner strategy and reorganising its operations. The strategy will be strengthened by streamlining the service business, which from now on will focus on serving contract partners. In addition, Hedengren Security is establishing a Customer Care unit to provide technical support in Finland and the rest of the Nordic region.

According to Hedengren Security CEO Jan Herranen, staff and partners have received valuable feedback for further improving the business and the customer experience. The customer promise of making life easier for customers will become even more of a reality as a result of these changes.

“Discussions with staff and partners have highlighted the need for us to further develop accessibility and technical support. We have now reorganised our operations, clarified the role of our service activities and created a Customer Care unit. These are significant changes that will allow us to work even closer to our customers,” Herranen says.

The Customer Care unit serves partners and customers, especially in technical support and deployment matters. Support services will be developed with the aid of digital solutions. Remote services allow partners to get faster technical support directly to the site, reducing the need for travel and thereby increasing efficiency. The aim is to help Hedengren Security partners with their own projects and ensure that technical support is always available to keep their projects running smoothly.

From now on, the services business will focus on serving contract partners. In addition, Hedengren Security invests in training partners and supporting them in deploying their systems. Skills development is a high development priority for customers and staff alike.

In connection with the reorganisation of operations, Hedengren Security has also made changes in product management. Technical product managers, product development and sales personnel will work more closely together than before to ensure that new products are competitive and meet customer needs. The members of the management group will also take an increasingly active role to better ensure the success of the product groups in the market.

According to Herranen, it is crucial that development efforts at Hedengren Security also promote the operations of its partners.

“Partnership with trust is the best growth platform for innovation. Rapid technological developments mean that the industry is increasingly growing in collaboration with customers and partners.  We will take their needs into account even more carefully.”


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