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Peaceful Christmas and Happy New Year 2023

We thank all our customers and partners for the past year 2022. Take care of you and your loved ones.


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Group HR Director

Hedengren is an importer and an expert in security and building technology. We help our customers design and implement sustainable, sec...


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Record crowd at electricity industry fair in Eliaden, Norway – breakthrough technology attracted fair-goers at Hedengren Security stand

A record number of 284 exhibitors and 20,700 visitors attended the traditional electricity industry fair in Eliaden, Norway. The main attraction at Hedengren Security’s stand was...


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The Gewiss residual current circuit breaker tests itself automatically once a month and reduces costs

Electrical safety is important for protecting people and property in all environments ranging from households to manufacturing and retail premises. It is important that maintaining electrical safety is easy, effortless and continuous.

The Gewiss Restart Autotest residual current circuit breaker ensures the functionality and safety of critical systems in all situations. It is especially well suited for sites with exceptionally many residual current circuit breakers where testing them and resetting them manually takes a lot of time. These sites include schools, manufacturing plants and hospitals, for example.

The residual current circuit breaker has automatic testing and it is able to reset itself again after an unnecessary disruption caused by a network disruption, for example. Before resetting itself, the switch checks to ensure that everything is in order on the load side. The switch tests itself automatically once a month, which is why it is ideal at sites where there are a lot of residual current circuit breakers to be tested. By using Gewiss residual current circuit breakers instead of ordinary ones, costs are minimised.

It is also possible to acquire the RCCBs as PRO versions, which allows the status of the system to be monitored over Wi-Fi on a mobile device, for example.

See introductory video of the product:

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