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Hedengren Security's new R&D Manager Eero Vaajoensuu: "Innovative product development requires continuous renewal"

Eero Vaajoensuu, who started as the product development manager at Hedengren Security in the autumn of 2023, brings strong software and process expertise to product development. ...


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A record number of wireless fire detectors: a fast, disturbance-free hybrid solution for Vocational College Luovi’s student residence building

For its student residence building, Luovi Vocational College in Joensuu wanted a high-quality fire alarm system that could be quickly installed. The college chose the Prodex FIRE...


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Hedengren's Annual Review has been published

The report includes the consolidated income statement and balance sheet, key figures on business development, as well as the CEO's and business area managers' reviews. The annual review is avail...


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Firmly focused on the customer: Jan Herranen leads the Nordic expert and service organisation at Hedengren Security

At Hedengren Security, a development project was launched in 2023 through which the company is positioning itself even more vigorously as a comprehensive expert and service organisation. “The goal is to deepen partnerships and meet the needs of future customers even better,” says Hedengren Security CEO Jan Herranen.

Customer value. Partnership benefits. The success of the value chain. These concepts are foremost in Hedengren Security’s CEO Jan Herranen’s mind as he goes through the development work initiated in the company in 2023.

One of the most visible changes is the streamlining of customer service. It is supported by both the new Customer Care unit and comprehensive project management. The quality of customer service and process improvement are overseen by the new customer experience director.

“The Customer Care unit ensures that the right expert can be reached even faster than before. Comprehensive customer support is a commitment on our part that the customer will receive the industry’s best expertise and all the support they need from one place,” says Herranen.

Development is carried out in a more comprehensive manner beneath the surface as well.

“The new enterprise resource planning system enhances the internal flow of information. We also aim to develop our training programmes and make our hardware and applications increasingly user-friendly.”

Benefits for all stakeholders in the value chain

With the development work, the distance between the customer and product development is shortened. Changes in customer needs and industry developments are monitored more systematically throughout the Nordic region through closer collaboration between product management, sales and marketing.

“Finnish manufacturing and customer relationships based on trust are key here. We can bring ideas generated in different markets into product development faster than before, and respond better to industry regulations.”

In product development, the focus is increasingly directed towards the diverse needs of the parties in the value chain.

“For example, partners benefit from remotely manageable, quickly installable and self-diagnosing devices, property managers benefit from easy integration of systems and centralised data management, and property owners benefit from the long life cycles and energy efficiency of the devices,” Herranen explains.

Jan Herranen
According to Hedengren Security CEO Jan Herranen, the company is developing into a Nordic expertise and service organisation that operates increasingly through a network of partners. “Our installers will continue to act as technical experts. Their goal is to support partners and help them succeed in their work.”

The best expertise in the industry

Herranen sees Hedengren Security’s open and easily integrable systems as part of smart property management of the future, where customers assemble system configurations that best suit them from devices made by different manufacturers.

“We aim to be the industry’s leading expert and provider of comprehensive solutions in this,” Herranen says.

Service development has specifically focused on the development of digital services. The new IT Business Director leads digital development, bringing expertise in utilising artificial intelligence and automation.

In addition, the company now has a new Cybersecurity team.

“We are pioneers in cybersecurity, life cycle thinking and energy efficiency, so sustainability has always been integral to everything we do. Now this work is being done even more systematically with the help of the new team.”

The most desirable partner and workplace

Despite the uncertain market situation, the CEO sees a bright future for the industry.

“Security technology has grown globally since the 1950s, and the industry continues to grow. New innovations are to be found in many places, for instance in data management and new applications for security systems. Cybersecurity and energy efficiency are also becoming increasingly important, which boosts our own product development,” says Herranen.

A customer-oriented organisation, sustainable product development and comprehensive services create exciting opportunities for conquering the Nordic market, he believes.  

“We are determined to be the most desired partner and workplace in our market area. We strive for this by offering the most interesting jobs in the industry and supporting our partners and customers as effectively as possible.”


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