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Lighting that is not switched off upon exit

Large properties have hundreds or even thousands of route and emergency lights that are on day and night. By utilising energy efficient lighting technology in escape route lights...


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Christmas Greetings from Hedengren!

We wish all our customers and partners a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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The Gewiss residual current circuit breaker tests itself automatically once a month and reduces costs

Electrical safety is important for protecting people and property in all environments ranging from households to manufacturing and retail premises. It is important that maintaining electrical sa...


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Faber Kabel – Good availability and comprehensive product selection

Faber Kabel is one of the largest cable distributors in Europe – already for 47 years. As a company that has served the industry for a long time, they know what is important to customers. Faber Kabel acknowledges the importance of quick availability and a wide range of products. Therefore, they constantly have over 8,000 different types of cables in their enormous warehouse with an inventory value of EUR 130 million. Customers benefit from the procedure in many ways – a financial commitment is not necessary. This is a strength of Faber Kabel on which the operations of the company are based.

Faber Kabel has a wide selection of conductors and cables:

  • high-voltage cables
  • medium-voltage cables
  • halogen-free cables and conductors
  • installation cables
  • instrumentation cables
  • control cables
  • data cables
  • fibre optic cables
  • channel cables
  • power transmission chain cables

This is an advantage to the customer, as there is no need to have their own warehouse. Faber Kabel has a fully automated warehouse in Fichtenau. The automation has allowed the company to expand its inventory capacity, which made an even wider range of available products possible.

The high-quality standards are guaranteed with regular and strict quality inspections. Faber Kabel and their partners have been issued ISO 9001 certification. Their products have been issued VDE, UL and CSA certifications, among others.