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Hedengren is looking for a LabVIEW Developer

Are you looking for an exciting career opportunity in an R&D team? Are you interested in working with experienced developers and experts? Join the Hedengren team as a LabVIEW...


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Jan Herranen from Hedengren Security: “Finnish product development and energy efficiency are increasingly important in the security business”

According to Business unit Director Jan Herranen, the changes in the operating environment and customer needs support Hedengren Security’s growth strategy. “Our vision is to be t...


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Peaceful Christmas and Happy New Year 2023

We thank all our customers and partners for the past year 2022. Take care of you and your loved ones.


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An energy efficient security system produces up to 90 % lower energy consumption

The use of energy efficient building technology solutions allows you to significantly influence the carbon footprint and environmental friendliness of a building. FIREscape reduces the CO2 emissions generated by the safety system over ten-fold when compared to an ordinary LED lighting system.  The innovation manufactured in Finland is the most energy efficient safety solution on the market by far.

According to the Ministry of Environment, construction generates 35 % of the greenhouse emissions in the world and 65 % of these are generated from the energy consumption during the life-cycles of buildings. Reducing the carbon footprint from the energy consumption of buildings requires modern technology to be applied to the building technology systems, among other things. In order to meet this challenge, Hedengren Security has developed the domestic innovative Prodex FIREscape fire safety solution.

- Ensuring a safe emergency exit requires numerous route lights to be installed in a building that are to be illuminated day and night. Therefore, the lights accrue a lot of operating hours per year. This results in the energy consumption of the emergency lighting system having a crucial impact on the carbon footprint of a building, says Peter Malmelin, Product Manager, who is responsible for fire safety systems at Hedengren Security.

Prodex FIREscape conserves a lot of energy when compared to a traditional system that uses LED lights; when compared to a fluorescent lighting system, the savings are even more significant. For example, in a middle-sized 100-emergency light building, 3,680 kWh annual energy savings were achieved by selecting the Prodex FIREscape as the emergency lighting system.

- When scaled, technology choices allow tremendous savings to be generated.

A combination system conserves materials

The Prodex FIREscape combines two of the most important security systems of a building; the fire alarm system and the emergency lighting system. The one-of-a-kind combination system significantly improves fire safety, as the intelligent system is able to direct escaping the building along safe routes using route lights that change according to the conditions.

- A single system means one multi-function centre and shared cabling for the lights and fire detectors, which significantly reduces material consumption, says Malmelin.

Innovative LED technology

The Neptolux series route lights developed and manufactured by Hedengren Security utilise the latest technology, which use low voltages and keep the lights’ operating temperatures stable. The NiMH unit-specific battery technology of the lights, in turn, ensures longer useful lives than capacitor-based solutions, for example.

- With the use of these solutions, we have been able to reduce the power consumption of route lights that are active 24/7 to only 0.2 watts and also extend their useful lives to match the remodelling intervals of buildings.  When the materials used in the lights are also fully recyclable, I would say that the positive environmental impact of the system is tremendous, Malmelin concludes.

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