Quality and environment

Hedengren’s parent company and domestic subsidiaries have been awarded the quality and environmental certificates ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015. The certificate is a recognition for the systematic development of operations for the benefit of customers, principals, personnel, owners and other stakeholders.

Key objectives of the Group and its business units include profitability, customer satisfaction as well as internally smooth and efficient practical operations. This allows us to ensure the satisfaction of our customers with fast, professional and service-oriented operations every day. We do what we promise and meet the requirements placed on us. We are committed to continually developing our operations and operating system to be better, more efficient and more profitable. We also adhere to the common rules that have been agreed upon to maintain quality.

The aim of the environmental programme is to ensure that environmental considerations are part of the everyday life of Hedengren employees. Our values and Code of Conduct serve as a guideline in our daily operations. We comply with laws and regulations and operate as a responsible member of society. We actively develop our own operations and operating system to minimise the environmental impact of our business. The environmental aspect is also taken into account in the products, services and solutions we provide.

The quality and environmental certificate covers:

Oy Hedengren Ab: Group logistics and joint operations

Oy Hedengren Security Ab: Import, design, manufacture, sale, installation and maintenance services of safety electronics.

Hedengren Huolto: Maintenance of electronics, machinery and equipment as well as related operations.

Oy Hedtec Ab: Import, storage, manufacture and sale of electrical and HVAC products for building technology and industrial applications

Oy Hedengren Direct Ab: Import and sale of air purification equipment for households and corporate common areas as well as import and sale of cleaning equipment and supplies




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