Our selection includes motion detectors, line detectors and laser detectors for both indoors and outdoors manufactured by Optex, Risco, Bosch and Visonic.

Motion detectors for indoor and outdoor use

The motion detectors for indoors are suitable for stores, offices, public facilities and residential buildings, in addition to manufacturing, machine shops and garages, for example. Motion detectors are available with both wall and ceiling mounting for monitoring areas of different sizes, with different security classifications, with a function that recognises if the detector is covered and with vandalism-proof designs.

Our range of outdoor motion detectors are suitable for varying and also demanding climate conditions. Motion detectors for outdoor use are available for monitoring areas of different sizes (adjustable), with automatic temperature and light sensitivity adjustment, pulse counters and cover protection and vandalism-proof designs.

Motion detector technologies

With indoor detectors, the most common detector type is passive infrared (PIR) detectors. It detects the variations in the strength of infrared radiation caused by the motion of a human body or another heat source.

A combination detector is a combination of two or more detectors, such as infrared and microwave (MW) detectors. The number of false alarms is reduced, when an alarm from both detectors is required to trigger the alarm. When selecting a detector, it is good to also consider potential pets. For sites with pets, a PET motion detector with pet immunity is a good choice.

Motion detectors intended for outdoor use utilise special technology that eliminates many disruptions caused from a variety of environmental factors. The advanced technology can be used to recognise and exclude swaying objects that move back and forth, but do not change their position, such as branches and bushes.

A double conductive shield detector can be used to both monitor the wall and/or window areas of the exterior of a building and to emit an audible warning. Our selection also includes a wireless motion detector, which is especially well suited for construction sites, unheated work halls and outdoor buildings. Some of the outdoor motion detectors have an animal recognition feature, which prevents an alarm when an animal of a specific size moves in the monitored area.


IlmaisimetLine detectors

Line detectors can be used, for example, to protect the perimeter of a building by recognising an intruder already before a break-in has even been attempted. Line detectors with different range capacities are also available for securing roadways and open areas. The range of digital line detectors outdoors is up to 200 m.

Line detectors can be used to emit an audible warning tone before a break-in is even attempted. Modern line detectors are very stable and false alarms caused by animal motion, rain, fog or snow have been eliminated. Line detectors are quick and easy to install cost-efficiently.

Laser detectors

Laser detectors detect the size, speed and distance of a moving target and process the obtained data using a unique algorithm.

The detectors observe the environment with superb reliability with a very small risk of triggering a false alarm. The detection range can be set to be manual or automatic. If the automatic setting is used, the detector configures itself for the appropriate detection area, which may also have a complicated pattern. When selecting the vertical detection area, the detector creates a detection area that operates like an invisible wall.

Laser detectors can be used for securing the perimeters, roof areas, fences, gates and areas with highly specific boundaries. The detectors are quick and easy to install cost-efficiently.