Solutions at different levels:

Basic level – the client connects the security system center to the desired cloud using the Hedengren Device Server (HDS) mobile broadband modem.
Data can be transferred in both directions, and devices can also receive control commands from other systems. Includes the Hedcloud service if data transfer from the HDS mobile broadband modem to the cloud is allowed.

First level – data transfer involves a Hedengren service platform with basic features.

Second level – includes the Hedengren service platform with advanced features and reporting capabilities. The platform can also be connected to third-party devices. The interface can be customized to your needs and connected to third-party devices.

Third level, i.e. the enterprise level  – the Hedengren service platform tailored to the client’s needs. The client will also have access to the data collected on the open interface. The open interface can be used for reporting, time series analysis and forecasting, as well as for obtaining deeper data analysis from a third party.