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Cables and conductors

We offer a comprehensive range of cables and conductors suitable for the demanding northern conditions for the needs of wholesalers, the manufacturing industry, machinery manufacturers and installers and specialised contractors. Our range includes a vast selection of cables with international certifications (e.g. HAR, UL, CSA and DESINA) for the export industry, among others.

Own warehouse
We carry several cables and conductors in inventory in our logistics centre located in Espoo, Finland.
Quick delivery times
Our extensive warehouse includes a variety of speciality cables and conductors available for quick delivery.
Knowledgeable service
Our experts will help You find the suitable cable for all applications, whether you are a designer, contractor, installer or a buyer.


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Choosing the right type of cables

Cable damage is often a result of the cable not being able to withstand the strain it is subjected to. The unnecessary costs resulting from breaking can be avoided by researching what types of use conditions the cable is suitable for already during planning.
When purchasing cables, it is important to find out if the cable will be in contact with chemicals, oils and gases, will it be exposed to mechanical strain or compression, will it be turned or bent? Is the cable to be used indoors or outdoors and what type of temperature variations should it be able to withstand?

Insulation material affects cable durability

The significance of the insulation material increases when the cables are used in demanding conditions. Details are of great importance when discussing insulation materials. They can be easily overlooked, but they are very important to how long the cable will last. For example, the elements used in the insulation materials significantly affect how well they withstand temperature or humidity fluctuations.  In locations susceptible to running or cutting, cables that are made of PUR or TPE should be used instead of plastic, for example.

Interference shield protection protects control signals from external interference

It is important to also consider the cable’s shield protection when choosing a cable. The purpose of shield protection is to protect the control signals from external interference. The protection also prevents the signals from being transferred outward from the cable. Good shield protection is an essential feature when selecting cables for frequency converters, for example. If, for example, the shielding of a cable is only 50 per cent, it is important to find out how EMC matters (Electro Magnetic Compatibility Cables) have been considered when specifying the cables.

Our experts will help you select the right cable

Identifying the most effective cable for locations with high temperatures or bending, tight spaces requires more detailed knowledge. When you need help for selecting a cable, you can always contact our experts, who will help You find the most suitable cable even for the most demanding applications. If we do not have a suitable cable option available, we can tailor a suitable cable for your application in cooperation with our European clients. Our range of cables is available in many sizes and we are also able to supply tailored cable lengths and sizes.


For assistance with choosing cables,

Kim Kjellin, Product Manager
Tel. +358 (0)207 638 244,


Jukka Holopainen, Product Manager
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