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Thank you for the past year 2021

We wish all our customers and partners a peaceful Christmas. Take care of you and your loved ones.   Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2022! ...


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Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2021

Thank you for the past year. We wish all our customers and partners a peaceful Christmas. Take care of you and your loved ones. Wish all of us at Hedengren


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Lighting that is not switched off upon exit

Large properties have hundreds or even thousands of route and emergency lights that are on day and night. By utilising energy efficient lighting technology in escape route lights...


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Stylish and adaptable office spaces using SmartiS outlet columns

The movable electrical outlet columns allow you to distribute power and data easily, safely and stylishly at offices. The outlet columns can be tailored based on customer needs and they adapt to the changing office environment.

Activity-based offices and open floor-plan offices may be challenging for implementing data and power distribution. When moving office furniture from one room to another, it is important that electricity and power can also be moved.

With SmartiS outlet columns, electricity, telecommunications and data can be safely moved to where it is needed. Due to the outlet columns, wall outlets no longer limit how desks can be positioned and the work area remains tidy, as there are no cables running on the floors of the work areas.

The stylish SmartiS outlet columns are well-suited for use in all types of offices. The colour and height of the columns, in addition to the number of outlets and their positioning, can be tailored according to the customer requirements. The standard colours are anodised aluminium and white and they are available with round and triangular profiles. The outlet columns are excellently suited also for conservation sites, as they do not require permanent installation.

SmartiS outlet columns are effortless to install, which make them a reasonable choice for both new sites and those being remodelled. The columns can be delivered to the site among the last of the installation supplies and the columns are delivered ready to use, as all outlets and connections are always already in the column.

Assisting you with the choice of office installation systems is

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