GT-MCX Multi-building control unit

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Product Description

GT-MCX is a network adapter that allows multiple GT-series systems to be connected through a network. An expanded system can support up to 16 entrance stations, 4 guard stations, and 500 master stations. When using the GT-MCX, you can connect up to 32 GT series systems, which increases the total system capacity to 480 entrance stations, 96 guard stations, and 5,000 master stations. The GT-MCX divides a large system into sections. There can be up to 24 apartment sections and 8 main sections. An apartment section can include entrance stations, guard stations, and master stations, while a main section can only include entrance stations and guard stations. Each GT-MCX replaces one entrance station and one guard station. You can use the GT Support Tool to update the configuration of the GT Series system when it is connected to the same logical network as the GT-MCX. The system update can include changing the names and call button numbers of the apartments in the guard and entrance stations.

Enables network connection.

Remote programming over the network.

Connect systems/buildings together.

CAT5E/6 cable with an RJ45 interface.

Voltage input with the PS-2420DM power supply .

Unit width 210 mm (12-mod. units).

Packing info
Packaging 1 height (mm) 95
Packaging 1 width (mm) 170
Packaging 1 length (depth) (mm) 230
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