RMC-E Kombinationsdetektor trådlöst

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Driftspenning (VDC) 3
Strømforbruk maks mA 25
Farge Hvit
Bredde (mm) 110
Detektortype Punktdetektor
Høyde (mm) 70
Produkt beskrivelse

The RMC-E is the latest in wireless multi-criteria detector technology. It is a fully intelligent device and compatible with FIREwave wireless Translator and Expander modules.

The detector is designed for open area protection and combines both dual-path smoke and heat detection technologies for improved performance, whilst maintaining the high levels of unwanted alarm rejection.

Utilising well-proven adaptive radio signal processing algorithms ensures that the highest levels of life safety and system reliability are achieved.

An in-built magnet test allows easy activation to verify correct functionality and response.

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