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Record crowd at electricity industry fair in Eliaden, Norway – breakthrough technology attracted fair-goers at Hedengren Security stand

A record number of 284 exhibitors and 20,700 visitors attended the traditional electricity industry fair in Eliaden, Norway. The main attraction at Hedengren Security’s stand was...


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Roles change, but the direction remains the same – new chairman for Hedengren board

Berndt Johansson, who chaired the Hedengren board for more than 23 years, will become chairman of the council of shareholders, and will be replaced by long-serving board member L...


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Hedengren takes whistleblowing reporting channel into use

We are committed to acting honestly, responsibly, and ethically. We also expect this from our stakeholders, with whom we work. We want to promote a workplace culture that is consistent...


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Lighting that is not switched off upon exit

Large properties have hundreds or even thousands of route and emergency lights that are on day and night. By utilising energy efficient lighting technology in escape route lights, the energy consumption of a property may be reduced by up to thousands of kilowatt hours generating considerable savings.

Of the greenhouse emissions generated by buildings, approximately 65% are created during their use. An individual can make an impact on some of the emissions through their personal choices, but the impact of mandated emergency lighting solutions are influenced already when the building is being designed. The Finnish Neptolux N series route and emergency lights reduce the energy consumption and carbon footprint of a building in many ways.

The lights utilise the latest NiMH unit-specific battery technology, which ensures longer useful lives than capacitor-based solutions, for example. The most recent LED technology used in the lights as well as the low operating current in the LEDs extend the useful life of the lights, reduce energy consumption and maintain a low operating temperature. The low operating temperature, in turn, also contributes to a longer service life of the battery. 

With the help of the battery and LED technology in the escape route lights, the energy consumption has been cut to only 0.2 watts. The solutions also extend the useful lives of the lights and improve their illumination power. Therefore, the illumination power needed for escape routes is achieved using fewer lights and lower power consumption. At the same time, less raw materials are needed to manufacture the lights.

Escape route lights that blend in with the environment

Although green values are important, other factors are also important for the life-cycle of the lights. These include illumination power, ease of installation, a clear product range, durability and design, says Product Manager Peter Malmelin

In addition to being environmentally friendly, the Neptolux escape route lights feature clean-cut stylish designs. The only part of N series route lights that is clearly visible is the illuminated symbol and they can be installed on walls and ceilings using discreet fasteners. Due to the light cabling, the lights are well-suited also for buildings where the cabling must be installed discreetly, such as architecturally demanding museums, exhibits and other high-value sites.

Sustainable development is the cornerstone of product development

In early 2019, Hedengren Security launched the new Neptolux N series escape route lights; N20, N40 and N68. In order to promote sustainable development, the new lights use the same mounting base as the previous generation. This makes them compatible with the most recent Nepto 3K emergency lighting centre and the previous Neptolux centres and FIREscape multi-function centres. 

All of the systems developed by Hedengren Security are based on a long life-cycle and energy efficiency. As a result, when we launch a new generation of a system, you do not have to replace the entire system, concludes Malmelin.

Interested? We will gladly tell you more about our escape route lighting solutions

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•    The Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland report 08/2018. Cost-efficient reduction of carbon footprints of rental properties during their life-cycles